Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh my goodness, how cute is this design ?! I fell in love with it.
I got the idea from another youtuber, missglamorazzi

Total Time : 45 mins (it was my first time)

(Left to Right) Rimmel Red Carpet, Seche Vite Top coat, Sally Hansen Brisk Blue,
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, China Glaze Solar Power,
Loreal Minted, China Glaze White on White, Orly Cotton Candy

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NOTD : China Glaze "Purple Panic"

No Flash ( Natural Lighting)

*Note: China Glaze neon colors dry matte & faster

With Flash

Friday, April 8, 2011

Haulage : Sephora, Lush, MAC

Benefit's "Hello Flawless" powder does exactly what it says: creates a flawless finish. I love the packaging bc it's just so fun, but also it's chic . Inside you get a brush, which you are supposed to use for just a light coverage. The sponge inside is supposed to help you get a fuller coverage on any trouble spots where there are blemishes or discoloration. It definitely is a wonderful foundation :)

Buildable coverage
Perfect shade for my skin
Not cakey
Lightweight formula
Cute packaging
Great for dry or oily gals

Range of color isn't great
It costs 30 bucks

Okay, really you cannot get a more perfect, pigmented, long lasting lipstick. Nuff' said, girl .

It is Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Pur Perfect Lipstick in Rosy Coral #52. This is the most electrifying pink coral lipstick that I have found ! It really gets me so excited talking about it bc I love the darn little tube of lipstick so much .

I wore this lipstick throughout a whole 6 hour shift . I came home ate a turkey burger, pot stickers, and drank juice. Guess what? It was STILL intact :) This makes a happy Steph .

Even after it starts to wear off you still end up with a pretty stain . Ahhh .. this is every girl's lipstick of her dreams . Well, at least it is for this girl ! Orange lips are hot for Spring 2011 but if you have a lighter skin tone like me, then you know that orange looks horrendous on you !! Instead, go for a pretty bright coral like YSL's Rosy Coral :) It'll make ya happy


So I wasn't planning on going to Lush, but the intoxicating smells just lured me in and BAM I spent 15 bucks haha

The girls there are just so niiice :) it just makes me love this place even more .

The Lush I went to was the one in Macy's on State st. & Randolph in Chicago.

I got their UltraBalm which is a moisturizing balm for any part of your body. Basically, it's Lush's version of vaseline ! This stuff is super soft to the touch and definitely moisturizes.

It's made with no petroleum which is pretty darn sweet ! It's all natural and some of the ingredients include:candalilla wax ,jojoba oil, rose wax
All of these help to soothe irritation due to dry skin & help moisturize it.

In conclusion, this UltraBalm is bombbbb .

I got my first bath bomb ! ! Hooray for meee

Okay so it is the infamous Sex Bomb (right). Supposedly this bath bomb has aphrodisiac scents that are supposed to warm "your heart and other body parts" . Woah ... that's so enticing! The smells include jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang . Lover town here I come ;) <3

Of course, I had to get some glittery goodness. The sparkly gold one is a Sunny Side Bubble Bar. Oh yeaaa, I can't wait to take a glittery gold bubble bath soon . So, the water turns gold and glittery while it smells like citrus.


Omgosh, it's my long lost love . We've reunited once again !!! Oh how I've missed you MAC . I remember when you were once my everything & now we only say "hi" once in a while....

Anyway! I only got 2 products from the Quite Cute collection . 1st is a lip pencil called, "In Synch" . Which I probably would have gotten anyway cos it sounds a lot like *NSYNC

It's such a pretty nude retro pink . I say retro cos it reminds of a color from the 70's . It's kinda Twiggy-ish . IDK ! I just know that I like it, betch. No need for an explanation ;)

The most exciting part of this small MAC haul is my lipstick in "Candy Yum Yum". It is the prettiest, neon pink lip color. My goodness it's just so perfect for a girl who loves to have fun with her makeup ! I am so excited to wear this lipstick out ! It just screams cute happy girl.


MAC "Candy Yum Yum"

MAC "In Sync" Lip Liner

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur "Rosy Coral" #52